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I got it

Yes, I did. I got it.


More on it later. Be jealous

Firstly and Foremostly

Thank you Calypso. That is very sweet of you. :)

And I was gonna wait but am now inspired to actually post!

I added to my Leonine Bustle Dress, and its now my steampunk Leonine bustle dress!

Im gonna add a brown silk aprona nd lose the shirt, replace it with a simple white high-necked shirt.

And this! A retro pattern,  for the life of me cant recall which, matched with black cardigan, belt and high heels.

Same Ole, Same Ole

Failure. Again. Sigh

So pink plaid dealio was looking good, until I put it all together and now it just looks dumpy and ill-fitting. I just cant seem to bring things to good completion.

I am getting a little flustered about this, because I really try and get excited and all my hopes get dashed because I dont follow instructions. I guess its my fault...

Oh well. Back to the drawing board.