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Disney Novelty

So, Although I haven't been posting much, I am working on some dresses. Recently inspired by the Disney trips (Future and Past) I'm rocking the novelty-theme.

I love the idea of Cosplay-Everday, people who can wear without shame their love of animated things on their LITERAL sleeve. Across the span of skin colors, the scale of weights, the range of ages, all types of people adorning themselves like the objects of their adoration.

I cannot do this. I was raised on a strict diet of shame and humiliation for my size and my likes. Family fed from birth with teasing and laughter until the anxiety of actually doing what I dream has become so great I mentally abuse myself into backing out, backing down, backing slooooooooowly away. Ive been working with myself, however, to push through my self-hating geekery and allowing myself to be, well, lol, myself.

Therein lies our goal. Vintage 50's (my favorite style) has a cornucopia of 'Kitsch' and 'Novelty' dresses. It…