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Okay, so there are some issues. The box shape, shoddy handwork on the skirt, unfinished hems and weird button placement. But, this is just my Muslin "OhdearlordjustgetitfinishedbecauseIcan'twearitinpublicanyway" kind of thing. Viola! My vintage playsuit set put together from three seperate patterns.

Cream Regency Dress


McCalls 6969

Ok, currently Stephanie Lynn is hosting a Play Suit Sew-a-long:

I am inspired by her but hesitant to join on account of, well, whenever I join something I NEVER do it. Coughcough. Ahem. 
So I decided to make a few pieces using some Mccalls patterns and maybe, possibly, come out with a Summer Vacation Playsuit collection. 
Anywho, the first pattern I made is this: 
And mine: 

The fabric is an ADORABLE garden inspired bit I picked up at Goodwill, a cotton Im pretty sure.

And a few of the top which is just adorable:  

I have had to come to terms with my size and shape (Apple, by the by, is not a fun fruit to resemble) and am trying to be more realistic in my sewing. I've got like this weird stubbornness/delusion and have refused to cut out anything other than an 18. Thing is, I'm not an 18 in the sewing world. I'm like, a 20, sometimes a 22 depending on the pattern. My problem is my waist, which is bigger then my hip size and upper bust size too! I'm just built lik…