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Pink Ariel Walk Through Numero DOS!!!

Wow, can't believed I actually am writing the second one! And so quickly to! And, more to the point, AT THE RIGHT TIME! Mainly I will write one part, then ignore it until I get the project done and do a rush post. Lookit me, being all numerical and in order! Woot!!

Okay, as of right now the gown looks like this. (dont get excited, its still in pieces I just drape it up to keep myself interested.)

Okay, so heres what I did so far. 

Ariel Pink Dress Tutorial Part One

Okay. So. I know there's been some issue with Ariels pink dress. A lot of very influential bloggers have stated they dislike it. Red hair, it is commonly known, does not make good bed partners with the color pink. Brichan, my very favorite artist has even made a most amusing picture ->

Which, by the by is HILARIOUS. So many cosplayers have seen and posed in this way because Bri is like a demi-god in the Disney world. She deserves that status believe you me.

Anyway, for my part, I've never seen anything offensive about the gown. In fact, it is my favorite Disney Princess dress. I can recall the scene perfectly, where Ariel steps out from the shadows and into the light, modest and eager, and Erik is all like; DAYUM.

Anyway, bottom line. I want to make some Princess getups for myself and this is at the top of my list for being my favorite Disney Dress.


Will You Take Me To The Ball? Tentacles and All?


Absolute best part was of course, dressing up for Mickey's not so scary Halloween Party. It BLEW MY MIND. I loved being my character, loved the people gasping when they saw me, and ABSOLUTELY ADORED hunting down little Mermaids to scare.


Me, last week Tuesday.

Began with a pattern, of course, as I am a fish in the Sahara without one.  It was really easy, same with my Green sister up there, take the dress, cut it out in a nive poly-snakeskin like, then add tentacle cut outs! A colored skirt and a hoop skirt later and BOOM

Instant sea witch!