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New Fabrics

So yesterday was a good day. My bestie Steph picked me up at like 11ish, Mumsy offered to watch the Lil Monster, and I ate Vietnamese food and went Goodwilling. All in all, not too bad. (Love my monster, but he's well, three. So its hard. Lol A day off is a GOOD thing)

Anyway, whilst out I drank a coffee drink that tasted nothing like coffee, a new Starbucks creation that uses unroasted green coffee beans as a base for the caffeine, then makes it flavored. Mine was Strawberry lemonade and all in all it was good and did its job. I was energized up and stayed in a good mood. Might need to stockpile those for my low mood swings.... hmmm.

Then, on the other side of town Goodwill'in, I found a huge pile of fabrics. Apparently, according to the type of fabric available, a little old lady donated the stash she had waiting from the seventies, lol. However, amidst the horrible rough polyesters and synthetics I actually found a few stretchy wovens that I am super excited about! There a…

Ugh. Just Ugh

Okay, lets see... got a new outfit from goodwill:
Went to St Louis and on the way I ransacked Joanns and Hancocks for patterns, Here:

And then went to the goodwill outlet and got some cool fabrics for mock-ups, muslins and outfits too.

I have a few plans, but nothing concrete.

Now, I am having some issue. See, I've been TRYING to sew for the past two months, however, something always pops up literally JUST BEFORE I put needle to fabric. For example, the bobbin jams, three stitches in. The pattern I cut out disappears, or an important piece runs off by its lonesome. My scissors disappear.

I actually bought a brand new sewing machine, a computerized Brother, and yesterday as I was trying to sew a muslin of a corset, it freaks out. Why? Because my mom apparently wanted to play with it THAT MORNING. This thing had been sitting in the kitchen for DAYS and she had no inclination to sew but that morning, mere HOURS before I finally got myself the sew, she decided to fiddle with it.  Too…

Weekendy stuff

On holiday this weekend, a big Tobyfest, where we all celebrate my sons being here for three years, and also have a little fun ourselves.

Been out since nine am and I have already hit up a Joanns (Bought 18 patterns on sale five for five) and a hancock (twelve patterns) since Joanns had simplicity on sale and Hancock had Butterrick and Mccalls. The bulk of those boughten are Retro, but in second place is a nice little pile of costumes. Finally there is a few of regular patterns (pencil skirts and boleros to integrate into my new up and coming wardrobe.)

Will post piccys later.

Oh also, got another ten patterns from GERTIES BOOK! I bought it and it is awesome. Have been reading bit by bit and have to say, it rocks. Like, completely. :)

Toodle pip!

Quick update

Okay, I am not sewing right now, because not only am I doing college but working a ridiculous amount of time, and also planning my sons birthday party in St. Louis, so Im a little busy.

Not too busy, however to buy a really cute vinatge-y looking synthetic dress from Goodwill a la

And buy my dream sewing machine, THIS!

Okay, so its all plastic and from walmart, but it has so many different stitches! Yay!

Hoops, Fail One

*NOTE: Made this item a while ago, but it is a stall-fail so Ive not posted anything. Here is what I have so far. 
Today was REALLY hard. My car is on the fritz so I can’t just go fritter off anywhere to do what I want. I managed to save the money to get my first 100 feet of tubing, but unfortunately, I had to wait until later in the day, half an hour before work, to get it. (As I’m being ferried about by the Dear Mumsie)
So, all day I’ve been thinking about this tubing and making this hoopskirt. While working I’ve been sketching out ideas, writing down stuff to blog about and biting at the bit to get to it. Now I am home… and its too late to begin such a project, lol.

So, the tubing is… not what I expected. The whole word ‘tubing’ implies a giving, gummy surface, easily bent to my ideals. This stuff is hard plastic with a little bit of give to it, but as evident here:

Not TONS lol.
I still have high hopes though, as its rigidity (Is that a word? Spellchecker …

Burda blue

Halfway through

Underneath It All Update

Muslin number one