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Boys Suit, 1780ish

Well, after much debate and mental blocks, I managed this almost done. Partly due to my seamstress block, general boredom and regular project apathy but also because of the color. I know historically there is a huge amount of pastel colored men's suits and more than enough acceptance in the general community for me to dress my son in pale shell pink, but... My son is autistic. If he were in full control of his faculties, I could explain how cruel the world is, and he would understand that loving pink and orange is perfectly normal but people might tease him. As it is, I have to continually have him repeat "Pink is nongendered, its a COLOR" when he tells me kids tell him its a girls color.

I didn't want to cause even further issues and confusion and the idea of someone teasing my clueless son both hurts and enrages me. But, after weeks of being dissatisfied with fabric I was looking at I found this at Hobby Lobby and it stuck. Of course this is SUCH a strange, soft s…