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Where Theres Smoke... Theres Fire!!!

So you remember way back when, when I worked for hancock?? Well, I bought this fabric. Covered in half naked cowboys and old red pick ups-with plenty of aloe for soothing after you burn yourself with looking wink wink, Anyway, I decided to make Gertie's easy jacket from her Butterick line and use this for the lining.  ah La: 
Full Length Double-Breasted Coat Pattern by Gertie b582
And I've got this fabric, right? Its a weird sort of weave with curlique clouds all up on it. Anyway, I decided to pair the two together, because it kinda looked like steamy smoke. And where theres smoke, there's hothothot FIREY cowboy. 
Because I say so. 
Here are some In Production Photos

pockets designed so whenever I stick my hand in I get a palmful of HIM.  (Jealous??)

Fueled By Pepsi

Here is where I set in the bodice lining, and the pockets. 
And  didn't take anymore photos until just now to show the finished product lmao.