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Freakin' Friday the thirteenth!

Okay, lemme tell the extraordinary thing that just occurred.

Firstly, I went to school today because I assumed, incorrectly, that I had class this morning. However, the class is only a monday, wednesday thing, so I found myself in the library, romping around on the internets. I had found that I left my phone in my car, and was loath to get it. Not only am I supremely lazy, but it is fifteen degrees outside, Im wearing a skirt, I parked farthest away AND Im supremely lazy. As I was typing away, checking email, talking to steph, I found myself anxious and that I kept trying to get up. So I decided, what the hell, it can't be as cold as I remember it, or as far to the car. I guess I'll go get my phone.

It was worse. Stupid wind. Stupid cold. Stupid parkinglot. Anyway, after my journey I sat down and played for another five minutes. The phone rang. Two things happened simultaniously.

First, I answered the phone. It was a job calling me back to i…