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HSM Challenge One Sarcastically Dancing Skeletons; Also Cardinals in the Birch

The Challenge:January: Firsts & Lasts – Create either the first item in a new ensemble, or one last piece to put the final fillip on an outfit. Material: Cotton novelty fabric from Joanns, thrift shop raw linen, plain cotton Pattern: Simplicity 8162 stays and chemise Year: 1800s  Notions: thread, bias tape, eyelets, zip ties, lace hem tape, lace, ribbon; grosgrain ribbon; How historically accurate is it? Like, linen is fairly accurate, hand sewn 50% of the stays so maybe 20%? The eyelets are definitely not even remotely accurate. Neither is the machine sewing, or the zip ties. Hours to complete: Two weeks, working idly on it while doing other things... maybe 20 hours total? First worn: not yet Total cost: 20 bucks for boning, notions and bias table, thread and fabric from stash. 

Firstly, this is what I like to call, my 'working' muslin. I dont like sewing muslins so what I do is sew a version for someone else to give away and then make my own. That way I work through any issues an…

18th Century Thing Two

Not to be confused with Thing One, or Thing Three. I have many related things.

Thing Two has a caraco type dress, with petticoat. She helped muchly with the sewing of the corset, and the hips, and like many Teenage Things got bored. So now she comes over and play 'dolls' with her beloved Aunt, I.E. She stands there and sighs like a teenager while I pin and unpin dress bits around her. Strangely enough, she loves it, even though she acts like its a chore. I dont quite understand teenagers anymore.

Anyway, the caraco has a lining base of American Duchess' OUtlander inspired dresses, size fourteen, which I then embellished on by eyeing Janet Arnolds pattern in Patterns of fashion. I used the figure showing the pet a lair, but closed the back. Not enough fabric to full out go watteau.

The fabric itself is a tablecloth, linen/cotton blend, with lines of metallic thread running through it making stripes in varying widths. There is a slightly impressionist image of brown branches…