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Vintaging Me

This is me {except my hair is longer now)

I am a creature unafraid of change. My motto, ironically, is 'If you dont like something, change it'. My hair has been long, short, straight, curly, brown, red, orange, burgandy, black, blonde and green. I have several sets of glasses, each one for a specific kind of Holly. My clothing style has changed over the years too.

I began as one usually does, with the typical Mom-dressed-Princess. From that I switched to the defying-mom-by-wearing-boys-clothes. Then I wore comfort clothes, loose, easy, and hiding my weight; which my mother was constantly harping on. About five years ago I decided to begin wearing skirts; loose peasanty broomstick skirts. I found a GLUT of different kinds. There were solid colored, multi-colored, black and white, all with different lengths, swooshyness, and visual appeal. To emphasise them I wore mostly plain shirts {Or if I was lazy, a Super Hero shirt, lol)

Recently I slowly began pulling back. I would kee…


Okay, not even HALF way done with the MOCK UP. Corsett-ing is prooving to be as difficult to start as I feared, probably because I am cording my first corset.

I WANTED to bone it with steel, having bought all the proper boning for a simplicity corset design, uh... here:
I made a mock-up but put it aside last minute due to cowardice. I FINALLY got up the courage and know what? I CANT FIND THE F*#@$% PATTERN!!! Seriously! I bought, like, THREE of them and cannot find it ANYWHERE.

Well, I know myself. If I do not begina corset, I will drop it like a hot brick and move on. So I began THIS corset:

Thinking that, Cival War era was a bit (in costuming terms) before Victorian era and I can fudge it a little. It'll do for now. So I cut out my fabric, which I had fused to my strength fabric, and got some nive thick sheet left-overs for lining. I though to myself, "Hey, lets cord it. I can just run some quick cording down the thing and try it out!"

HA! Oh what a fool I am!

I h…

Leoriental Victorian

I might have mentioned before, once or twice in passing, that I am a big fan of repurposing sheets, curtains and tablecloths(runners) for costume, clothes and practice. Its not only green, its also a good way to practice feeling material and understanding patterns. Anyway, I found the Leonine fabric (A fitted and loose sheet) at goodwill and was so (unreasonably) attracted to it, that I bought it straight up and took it home. At first I imagined I would use it for something I could wear day to day, either a nightgown, house gown, robe or day dress. I was thinking something to wear at home obviously, because the pattern of the fabric gives me pleasure but I really don’t like being pointed and laughed at in public.
Well, during the last couple nights I’ve been oddly anxious. I call it an ‘itch’ in my brain where I feel energized and nervous, anxious to get something done. So I stayed up the last, oh, three nights, cutting out patterns, measuring and thinking. In this time, I have sewn…

Flower Sheet Vogue

Alrighty, today was rather successful. Last night I began to cut out this pretty dang awesome fabric I found at Goodwill.

After perusing my patterns I found an older retro pattern from vogue. There was slightly, SLIGHTLY less fabric than was needed but I managed it.

Alrighty, so back to the deal. Last night I pressed the sheet, and cut off the elastic (It was a fitted sheet) It’s a 50-50 cotton polyester blend. Then I laid it out and fiddled with the patterns for a bit, an hour or so, before I decided I could do it.

In the end I have the dress assembled, barring a bit of button sewing and hemming (I hate hemming) and all in all I give it a good 6 outta ten. The pattern wasn’t EASY like some of the simplicity things I’d done. Which is par for the course with vogue patterns or so I heard, but after a little thinking I managed it. The skirt isn’t half so fluffy as avertised, but I imagine a nice petticoat would puff it out nicely. Here are some almost finished pics.

Lastly, Bastet, …

Lucy Red Grand Parlour Skirt

Yep, I did it. Most awesome, I know, although weird new considerations. Firstly, the fabric:

And so I decided to do the Grand Parlour Skirt from Truly Victorian, which I had ordered from Etsy. Which looks like this:

Okay, here is the picture of what I wanted the dress to look like.

Long parlour skirt, tight top off the shoulders, long tight sleeves with this awesome wicked lace.

So I began skirting-with some help from Prometheus. ( I was in charge of sizing, pinning, cutting and assembling, he was in charge of being cat-like, sprawling, and attacking various things like my sizzors, my fabric, my feet and my hands. Good team)

So here I pinned it together on Blue

And sewn up on Blue

And here is is on me.

I’m pretty happy with the outcome, but strangely enough it doesn’t feel well, wicked enough.
See I wanted the dress to be a vampiric Lucy Westenra dress, all dramatic and wicked evil but the dress seemed to be more festive then…