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So, finally corralled my sister into taking a quick photo shoot of me in the backyard, whilst Toby ran wild and polluted his pool with dirt and grass and whoknowswhatelse to the left of me. 
This first dress I made using this really cool bike fabric I found at, shocker, Goodwill, and it was a jagged pain in my tailbone I tell you. First I had a neat, narrow trim of black bias tape around the neckline and hem, but as I was sewing it, the 1987 (Literally the date printed on the fabric) bike strewn cotton RIPPED on me. 
And that wasn't the last time! It did it three times total, but I was determined to sew the dress. Problem was, by the time I was finished with it, the neat black bias tape was all wonky and crooked and begged pitifully for mercy. Magnanimously, I cut it off and retried with a bright yellow.   Here is it. 
(Also, I've been practicing my victory rolls. This particular set is actually just to see how long they stay in my hair, but then I used the opportunity to not…

Interesting Goodwill Find

But first------->


I went back to Goodwill yesterday, just as a quick stop form work and I though, "Okay, Holly. Just look. A twenty minute jaunt through the sheets and curtains and then put it out of your mind."

And BOOM! Right on the end of the rack. The sari I had put back and mourned over.

Now I have four. :)
I'm actually going to cut this one first, because its not too dear and also more opaque than the others. 
In other news. 
Look what I found:  

I don't know it looks a little Vampire Bride to me.... 
But in a 1960's way. So mybe....?

You know her dress is pink? It really is.

Anyway, I have no clue what to do with it but I couldn't pass it up, not at half price.

Cuz I uh... I have a problem.


I've Never Been Sarong.... or So Sari....

hehe. See what I did there?

Ellen sees. She sees what I did there.



Anyway. GOODWILL!!!

I was browsing Goodwill for cast off yardage or really cool curtains, hey, Im not picky where the fabric comes from (or what it was BEFORE) when I came across this lovely green stuff. Further inspection revealed it to be a length of silky emerald green embroidered with gold, with a border print and a large section of design at one end. I was confused, but put it together.

A SARI!!!!


Now, I have a few vintage kimono I bought from Yoko Dana which I have been meaning to cut into to make a dress. Only I can't. On account of reasons. Which are valid.

Also, they're pretty.

Anyway, I snatched it up.... and behind it was another one. And another!

The last one was a duller beige and I, regrettably, put it down and purchased two.

These two!!!!

Then, THEN THEN!!!!

I went back today, trying to find the third. See, I LOVE them. They're light and drapey but rich and luxe and amaz…

Butterick 5748

Okay, long time no post. I actually have an excuse, see my keyboard doesnt work.

A while ago, like, a year? My delightful son decided to pick some of the keyboard keys off the laptop. He got at least half off, and I managed to salvage most of them. I am still missing, currently, both Enters, left Shift button, K, and the up arrow. Either at the same time or for completely different reasons, the keyboard itself decided it would only work occasionally, and only a few buttons. I got by for a while but when H and B decided to go, I gave up. (My name is Holly Brown. It seemed appropriate)

I did order a new keyboard and inserted it... but it didn't work. Oh well. Then I began using an external keyboard because honestly, the laptop doesn't leave my sewing room, and I use an external mouse anyway. So now, to get it to work, I have to plug in the keyboard which sometimes works and sometimes doesnt. If it doesnt work I need to unplug and replug, over and over, until I feel like some kin…