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Orient, Influence of:


HSF Challenge #14: Eastern Influence

Okay, so I am a bad join-er up-er. I joined the HSF challenge and have not produced a single thing.

Im gonna TRY THIS TIME! For multiple reasons.
1) The challange is Eastern influence, something I adore.
2) I have in my possession ill-gotten gains from scavenging the bleeding wreck of a Dying Hancock store, namely a lovely light turqouis Oriental Brocade (Stuff)
3) I am enamored of this design:
And have this pattern:
4) While perusing her inspiration I was struck mightily in the face with this piece:

So yeah. I wanna do it. Also, oh yeah

5) The due date is my birthday. Providence? Ive been expecting you. :)

Tudor Gown, Thus Far

Hereye, hereye, here on this very hour we shall recant the tale of the Tudor Gown That Somehow Weirdly Was:

It began on a day awash with chilly air and drunk in Dayquil, where upon the couch I slumped, watching a veritable marathon of Castle. When suddenly, I perchanced upon this particular pattern.

Ah, quite lovely, but I am a steadfast lover of the Bustle, and the Hoopskirt of Plenty. I could not, would not advert my eyes from their loveliness (Especially since they glared so accusingly, half finished, from the corner)

But low and behold, there I was, heavily self medicated, and cutting out the pattern. Soon, twas done and well, hello there. There was a length of appropriate fabric here! A dark blue corduroy which I would never use in almost anything else.

In a strange mood I looked over my stash. Interfacing, yes. Boning? Why I had basket reed right here. White for the sleeves? Yes, indeed. Random fashion fabric for outersleeves and triangular opening? Of course? Dark blue thread? …

Quick Pic Update

Current Project:

Hoping to get the bottom of the dress done soon, but this idea now is to go slowly, do every step and take my time. Heck, I even pounded in the eyelets in the back! (only five per side, should add four more but unfortunately I am sadly lacking in the get-up-and-go dealio. Oh Well)

I chose this particular pattern weirdly. I never intended to actually do it, I was just wondering about SCA and REnfaires and looking at the pattern. HIghly doped on dayquil I began cutting it, and just... did it. Turns out, for the underthings, I dont need to make a hoopskirt as I have a cone shaped one already. (Trying to make a ruffled petticoat to go over it and make it more bell shaped for some civil war things I wanna make...)

Anyway, I have tomorrow and the next day free as a bird, with work at 530. Heres hoping. :)