Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Burda 9528 FINISHED!!!

GRATUITOUS PICTURE POST!!! Recently I made Burda 9528 As shown here: 

And then I posted a pic of the semi finished product as seen here:

And now... drumroll please... 

Thank you, Animal. Here he is, the amazing, the wonderful, Tobias modeling a lovely regency outfit his mother made for him. (Lies. I made it for him to wear. Its mainly for me)

New shirts

So I have been mentally preparing myself for attempting to sew my summer/fall wardrobe. Hopefully my plans will come to fruition but so far when I plan things out I tend to well, ditch halfway.

This will be my first official planning post as pertains to wardrobe.

So I have planned approximately seven shirts. I have had really good success with two retro patterns which seem to flatter my figure and am chancing it with the final seventh. 

The first three are variations on the pattern Simplicity 1692. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Wardrobe Redux

So far....

I've got the skirt and waistband cut out for my mini poodle, the shirt just missing hems and the zipper, and the pattern ready to cut out my apple shirt, tea shirt, and my blue bee shirt.
Roses shirt needs loops for the buttons and tiger shirt is giving me issue.

Happy Easter from the candy boy down there!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

BURDA 9528

.......I mades it

More to follow when I attach the buttons and wrangle the boy into it!

Halloween 2013 (It Rhymes!!!)

So last Halloween me and the family went to the trick o treating at Lincolns home street. Of course we dug out the hoopskirts for this and I whipped together something for my boy to wear to kinda/sorta fit in. Here we are!                                                                                                                                                          

It was very fun, except for the awkward part where people thought we were passing out candy. Im wearing mom's Furniture Day Dress, she's wearing her brown silk Ballgown and Alicia is wearing my School Marm outfit. Toby is cobbled together with something that kind fits? Anway, I wanted to show a few fun shots of how-we-got-into-those-things before the treating --->

Beware, Womens In States Of Undress Under The Break

(Scandelous in the 1800s, modest for Nowadays)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Faux Ups


So, I mess up a lot. I mean, A LOT. It begins with some kind of oblivious, ignorance. I dont make muslins.

I know the reasons I SHOULD make a muslin. I dont want to ruin my fabric. I dont want my clothes to be ill-fitting. I put time and effort into my finished product and a muslin would help beautify the end result. I have SO MUCH extra sheeting and curtains and other bits and bob which I can make muslins out of.

I just... dont.

I am too excited to sew with my fashion fabric, too enthusiastic to make do with something boring. Also, Im lazy. I can barely finish something I WANT to sew, let alone something I should-probbaly-do-because-it-would-later-make-my-life-easier.

Anyway, another problem I have is a complete and total lack of staying power. If I were a guy and sewing was sex I'd be... well, unpopular. If Im sewing something and I hit too many snags, or have a bad day, or maybe if the wind is blowing from the southwest and a few knots too many per hour... I drop shit. I just dont want to finish, get bored with the details, or get so far into an item that I can see the finished product and... meh. Lose interest.

So anyway, I was cleaning, a big shocker there, and found a bunch of projects that are hideous, unfinished and barely fit from when I BEGAN this latest sewing endevor like, two years ago? Three? Also, some things that encouraged me to drop sewing like a hot potato and give into the fact that I am never going to be the belle of the ball and I should just make do with holey jeans and work clothes.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nankeen boots!

Nankeen boots!  American DUchess is doing a fabulous giveaway with a pair of Beauteous Nankeen boots! Honestly I think I love them more because of the name. Wouldn't you??

Enter to win here:

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