Spring/Summer Wardrobe, Shorts Plan

I am attempting to combine my love of easy wear stuff, with my love of vintage. Also, I need to start dressing to make myself happy, not just grab whatever is clean and feel like blarg. In effort to complete this task, I am making shorts!

There are two kinds of shorts that I am interested in. High waisted shorts. 

-and Flared Shorts:

Now, I do feel these are a bit, uh short. Ironically. Which is why I wont be buying from Unique Vintage for my short needs. Ill being sewing them. 
(Note, I bought ALL my capris from Unique Vintage, I love them. Review to come)
Ive got a couple patterns that Im looking at. The definite ones are Simplicity 3688, and Butterick 5895.

Other ideas are as follows:: 

As for fabrics, this will be a stashbuster. I have linen in the following colors: Beige with thin black checker board, black, purple, teal, red and beige plain. I also have thin blue denim and a selection of cotton fabrics which will fall in muslin form as a sacrafice. 

Truly Victorian Edwardian Underpinnings; TVE02

Ok, I must admit. I am bitten by the Gothic Romantic Bug. Typically this leans a bit toward Victorian, however, with the decadent costumes of Crimson Peak I couldn't help myself. It was hard too, because I have bits and bobs for white, cream and ecru, enough to make plenty of white, sensible Edwardian undies with no issues and no further money spent. And I was gonna do it too, I was going to lock my inner 14 year old crying for goth ways in her room and sew with what I HAD. 

For Christmas I got a 35 dollar gift card for JoAnns, and while there I found this. One dollar a yard. Six yards on the role. 
So off I went, digging through my gargantuan stash. I know I have enough black to kit together a decent mourning undie set, I KNOW it. Just took some looking. I found about four yards of black cotton, and a thin, mystery poly slightly shiny? Also a thin black fabric, kinda like a super thin gabardine? Lastly I found three rolls of smaller lace, a disassembled thin b…

Wardrobe Goal, Spring; Summer!

Ive been languishing. My weight has really inhibited my seamstressing, I mean, I KNOW Im awesome. I mean, c'mon!

Im adorable! But my self esteem is a solid LOW, and recent health issues have impacted that like the comet that killed the dinosaurs impacted the Earth. I wear character tshirts Ive have for YEARS and jeans and hoodies. I dress like a college kid. Im thirty years old. I mean, theres nothing WRONG with that, but I feel like I should make more of myself.

The dresses I have made in the past are a little 'too' much for my day-to-day. Like, I would ROCK them on a themed outing, but I dont feel like myself wearing them everyday kinda thing. I work from home now, instead of going into an office, so getting all kitted out to just say, go to the grocery store or run errands has no appeal.

So I've decided to MELD the two looks, slumming it with jeans and a ratty t-shirt, and fabulous novelty prints TOGETHER. I'm sewing a selection of skirts, as well as tops which …

Truly Victorian Edwardian Delicates; TV E01

2018 Family Portrait

Pattern Truly Victorian E01

Supplies For TV E01::

The fabric for the corset is a lovely faux suede curtain, (Historical Sew Fortnightly January baby!) Two sizes of gross grain ribbon (Hobby Lobby 50% off ribbon spools, love it!) cotton thread, and pearl cotton thread for flossing. 
The Pattern Cutting and er, well, Cutting again: 

I really don't like cutting expensive patterns. Expensive being, anything I didn't pay .99 cents for at JoAnns. I bought TVE01 and TVE02 from Old Time Patterns (Old Time Patterns Etsy ) for 14.00-16.00 dollars. So I used this lovely roll of tissue paper I have on hand and traced, then cut the pattern. Then I pinned and cut again. I HATE THAT. SERIOUSLY. Im a cut twice measure never kinda seamstress so this was a particular circle of Hell for me. But I did it. Cause I wanna keep this pattern as long as possible. 

Sewn together, easy, simple IF YOU KEEP EVERYTHING LABELED. The pieces are SO similar  and the curves fit together in …


For 2018 my Family Portrait is going to be Edwardian. I've already got Truly Victorian E01, A lovely straight front corset already sized and copied. I'm working on cutting out the muslin soon! I've also got Truly Victorian Edwardian Underwear and am SO looking forward to sewing those French Drawers. I've got six yards of lace just begging for some frippery.

So patterns. Just wanted to gush about those new Mccalls patterns!

Oh. Em. Gee. 
Angela Clayton, the lovely talented Artist of a Seamstress has made a pattern. Holy hell. Look at that! 

Man, the line ART!! Im super excited about this one. 
Anway, the patterns Im most interested in are those to assist in sewing menswear. My guy is a big guy, I mean BIG. So the normal Big Four patterns fall short in sizing for him. Thats ok, I can upsize to his size with very little difficulty. Edwardian fashion for men is depressingly similar to Victorian because after the foppery of the 1700s, there was little diversity in men's…

Janet Arnold's Pet en L'air

I began this garment thinking I could sprint to kinkos, grab a decent copy, cut it out and boom! Have this lovely gown that would only need minor fixing.

Ha! Hahaha. No.

First of all, it took at least an hour working with a Kinko/Fed Ex working to find what size to blow this up to. THEN they informed me it would be about 22.00. WHAT? And that was just for a portion of the grid, not even the full set itself! I declined, but did pay the few bucks for a slightly bigger version.

Then, I went to Walmart and got this grid thingy used mainly for quilts. With my roll of transfer paper and an urn of markers I counted, measured and copied my way to the pattern.

Not half bad if I do say so myself. This wasnt even as difficult or as time consuming as one would think. It was kind of enjoyable, in the way that adult coloring books and sudoku are. After getting the basics down I determined to make a mock up in a linen fabric I had and work from there. 

Miraculously, it was a decent fit. I dont know…