Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Snow White: History and Rant

I want to document my thoughts and theories about my Snow White costume, because I'm one of those odd people who actually rationalize their choices. Its weird I know but oh well. Right?

So, I mentioned in one of my posts that I am seeing her gown through a film of textures. I started thinking about what we know about Snow White from the cartoon. She's a servant who used to be a Princess in a castle which looks a little run down. There are also few servants around her. So Im thinking when she dresses up she has to make due with what shes got. Im positive Evil Queen isn't going give her a few yards of satin and a pat on the head.

I see Snow finding some old curtains of yellow slightly bleached by the sun and makes a skirt. And maybe, an old dress of her mothers that she can salvage the bodice from. Maybe the sleeves came from a childhood skirt that survived. The cloak was an old bed hanging that was being thrown away. She pulled it all together and this becomes her special clothes.

This is my theory anyway, on the dress.


Okay, I'm gonna throw this out there and let it lie.




Okay, there are some artists who cosplay and make it sexy and do it well. Their costumes are flawless, the detail is amazing. I will readily admit that their work is awesome. HOWEVER. Snow white was a thirteen year old girl who was nearly KILLED because of her beauty and only SAVED because of her beauty, and then was KILLED AND SAVED AGAIN BECAUSE OF HER BEAUTY!

The Disney version if a piece of childhood, and the original fairy-tale is a warning and I really think that sexifying the princesses is wrong. I really do. It offends me when I see it.

So while I am amazed and awestruck by these cosplayers whose art blows anything I might do out of the water, I just can't get over how WRONG it is.

Personal opinion however, feel free to disregard. Im just researching costumes and I keep seeing this!

Snow White: Eyelets

I got one of these and its my new favorite toy. Really. I love it.

Okay, so its not this cool looking one, it is one from Joanns, but seriously. I only ruined four making a line of eyelets down one side of my Snow White bodice. Thats like, 1/8th what I usually ruin making eyelets the ole fashioned way.

Anyway, I'm making a ridiculous amount of eyelets down the back of my bodice for stability and also because I might not loose as much weight as I want to, so Im also making a modesty panel and relying on my cape to keep my lacing secrets.  Here's some in action shots.

Truthfully I should've measure a little better but Im getting to the point of either I do it now, AT THIS VERY MINUTE OR CURSE IT ALL ITS NOT GETTING DONE. 

The pile o fabrics for E and A's outfits are calling me and I NEED to finish this one or I really wont. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Snow White, So Far

Okay, so I'm using the pattern. Why not? Its perfect for my needs, aside from a few, minor issues. See, I don't like the skirt. Or the sleeves. But the bodice is right on target and the collar is perfect. So, why fix what ain't broken, am I right? Okay. So lets start. 

First, find your fabrics. Now, Snow white's dress is pretty basic, so I decided to veer in on textures. Here is my selection. 

Muslins are NOT my thing. I find them annoying and saddening creations which sap my dwindling time and engery. However, this is Srs Bsns Disney stuff. So I made a muslin of the bodice out of the fabric of the skirt. The skirt I made by making a circle skirt for the twirling. Whats the use of being a Princess if you can't get a respectable twirl? Anyway, it was the basic formula for a circle skirt found on a multitude of blogs by typing in How To Make A Circle Skirt. 

I also bought the thickest interfacing I could find and cut out the basic collar. 

Next, the cape. Because I need to bop around when I create something. Why do everything in a linear manner? It just is boring. So, I cut and sewed up the cape lining. Shown here. 

So, the cape next. 

Here I should mention that I did all the cutting beforehand, yesterday. Now I was doing as much sewing as i could before I brought it all down to press it all. Sleeves next!!! I kept the basic shape the same and made it in red, and used this nice, dark blue ribbon which matches my real bodice material perfectly. 

So, onto the bodice itself. 

And this is where I am today. Next, pressing, then finishing the cape, doing the other sleeve, finishing the bodice and actually making the collar. Lot to do, but a good start I think. 

Disney World

Okay, recently I have been able to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine, and you know, every other girl between the ages of two and two hundred. I am going to DISNEY-WORLD FOR THE FIRST TIME...

... at 26 years old.

Okay, yeah, a little too old to dress up, which vexes me greatly... until I realized that I could go during October and be able to go to the Halloween party! Which means I can Pretty, Pretty Princess it up, baybee!!However, there is the endless debate as to which Princess to be. Honestly, while I have all the regular favorite, Belle, Ariel, and the newest, stunning Elsa, I have always adored Snow White. Maybe because  to the absent father-figure, maybe because of the apple-love, and maybe because of how gory it is. (Omg, red hot shoes, poisoned combs, tight-lacing to asphyxiation and choking on a bit of mushed apple) Also, the dress, which being red, blue and yellow makes no sense to anyone except someone who has access to only primary colors.

Anyway, I obviously have chosen Snow. However, I want to make more dresses. So, obviously, I invited my nieces along so I can make more!

E, my eldest niece at around thirteen is going as Jasmine and A, younger niece is to be Cinderella. But ho boy this was a difficult choice. I made the misatke of ASKING them. And E chose Elsa as her favorite and A chose Tinkerbell. Forgive me, but Im not letting TWEENS dress like sexy, sexy Elsa and Tinkerbell. Its just a recipe for danger and lemme tell you, A has ALREADY got a lot of Junk in the Trunk for  twelve year old. I do not need the kind of stress which comes with realizing my baby nieces are female.

So, I asked for a second choice, and got Jasmine and Cinderella.

Wait, Jasmine is dressed a little revealing as well Holly!

I know that. Of course I know that. BUT I have decided to help them stand out a little in a crowd of Princesses, Im going to make the dresses with a base of historical costume. That way I can fudge a bit and still get it going. So, here we go.


Firstly, My dress. I have most of the fabric, and its going to be a typical Snow White. Long circle skirt, satin bodice, red sleeves and blue ribbon with a Truly Big White Collar. More on that in my next post.

More interestingly the nieces.

E Niece.



And here we are. I have this pattern on hand and I began thinking about how to incorporate it. Pantaloons? Check. But wait...


Its called a Brain. Its where I get Ideas!

I decided I'm going to use almost the whole pattern for version B, the lovely lady with NO stomach showing. The blouse will remain white, the cincher will be gold, and the pantaloons green brocade with gold detailing. To imitate the little bustier Jasmines got going on there I'm going to make the little vest out of green brocade too, which will pull the whole outfit together! Yay! 

Historical, modest verion of Jasmine, CHECK!


Cinderella. Ah, truly a classic dress.

But wait, that isn't the dress I remember!


MUCH BETTER. I've always like the silver/blue, white version to the blue/light blue one. Seems all the more magical that way. Anywho, classic dress. So, how to make it from a pattern, still channel the intrinsic Cinderella-ness BUT make my niece feel like shes unique? My solution?

Yo Ho

Okay, no pirate Princesses. BUT this dress would really match Cinderellas'. Replace the split skirt with swags, as puff sleeves instead of 3/4 and BOOM Instant Cindergirl.

The silverblue, top right is the underskirt, the shiny white under the pattern is for the swags and sleeves and the transparent embroidered bit is what I'm using for the bodice.

Anyway this is just a planning post. And it has come to a close. Ta ta!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Beetlejuice Suit

So, imagine this. But like, in a cheaper, thinnish poly satin from Walmart way, stripes a little less that an inch in diameter. I got like, five yards in REALLY wide roll. You know what I see when I see black and white stripes??

Hiya, Babes

Oh yeah. Beetlejuice. :D

So of course I tell myself, "No Holly you can't make a Beetlejuice suit. It'd look more like this: 

Than This: 

PLUS. Im Plus sized. AND the stripes are too thin. ALSO EVEN if I made a suit it'd have to be vintage. And that involves not only a huge amount of work, with horse hair and pad stitching and so many layers to keep the shape, it ALSO means a pencil skirt. (On account of, because) 

Too many reasons why it would be a bad idea. 

So I bought all five yards and am looking at vintage suit patterns. 

... So sue me. :D

1950s Womens Suit Pattern Advance 8031 Two Piece by paneenjerez, $40.00

1950s Womens Suit Pattern Advance 6978 Two Piece by paneenjerez, $40.00

1940s Womens Suit Pattern Simplicity 4769 Pleated by paneenjerez, $10.00
Vintage 1950s Two Piece Suit Dress Pattern by downthestreet, $15.00

1940s Dress Pattern McCall 7188 Womens Two Piece by paneenjerez, $75.00

Of course these are just pipe dreams, suits which are hard to get ahold of. 

Here are some which are available now: 


Or go the way of Gertie...