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Dress Bomb!

Dresses from previous post, on an actual human body!!!! WHAT FRESH NONSENSE IS THIS?!?!?!?!


Disney Novelty

So, Although I haven't been posting much, I am working on some dresses. Recently inspired by the Disney trips (Future and Past) I'm rocking the novelty-theme.

I love the idea of Cosplay-Everday, people who can wear without shame their love of animated things on their LITERAL sleeve. Across the span of skin colors, the scale of weights, the range of ages, all types of people adorning themselves like the objects of their adoration.

I cannot do this. I was raised on a strict diet of shame and humiliation for my size and my likes. Family fed from birth with teasing and laughter until the anxiety of actually doing what I dream has become so great I mentally abuse myself into backing out, backing down, backing slooooooooowly away. Ive been working with myself, however, to push through my self-hating geekery and allowing myself to be, well, lol, myself.

Therein lies our goal. Vintage 50's (my favorite style) has a cornucopia of 'Kitsch' and 'Novelty' dresses. It…

Ugly Underthings

So, petticoats are a must. They add that extra umph to a full outfit, hiding the bones in your hoopskirt (Oh! What a faux pas!) and smoothing the bumps in your humps when you dare to wear a bustle.

Swan Sheild

I love this gown. Theres not much to go on, from what I see, there are at least two gowns. Under dress with 3/4 sleeves, like a chemise or cotehardie. Overdress something like a houpplande, voluminous skirts and one full art, the other sleeveless with three dagged lengths hanging from the sleeve-head. 

Truly Victorian Imperial Bustle

Im using some Truly Vic patterns to start with another Project, my Eye Watering Plaid dress. First things first, a Proper Large derriere. 
This is my fabric, a lovely polished synthetic that looks like carnivorous alien plant life: 

And of course I have the amazing pattern by Truly Victorian, 

Tobelsa, Letting Gender Confusion Go

So, my son can be defined as a typical boy. Dirty, whiny, running on some kind of nuclear battery that never ends, and adorable. He's also, if you want to put a name to it, on the autism spectrum. This is a HUGE spectrum, from people who are socially awkward (Yeah, thats a thing) to people who are violent and incapable of functioning without major assistance. My boy is a realm unto himself, as are all autistic children. I worked as a special ed admit for a few years and am familiar with the children who are slotted into the 'special' category and lemme tell ya, he is something else all together.

Abraham Lincoln Funeral: The Boy's Costume

In may here in Springfield Il, there is going to be reenactment of Lincoln's Funeral. The whole shebang with the calvary, and civilians. Some people are going to do it full on. Hand made costume, setting up tents, going full monty. (Not naked, mind you. Fully clothed full monty)

I am not that dedicated. I will hand sew hems til my fingers bleed but I can't seem to make myself buy twelve yards of really good cotton/wool/silk, when I have SO FREAKING MUCH POLY that would do the job perfectly. Im in the mindset that if it Looks like it could be accurate, its accurate enough. Part of that comes from my noncomformist streak, part comes from the beautiful fabrics I already have which are not 'technically period' and lastly, Im cheap. Seriously. I can make a gown just as easily from a duvet cover as brocade and I can almost certainly say no one will have a gown like mine.

(Not that they would WANT to, but still.)

So, I will be gowned appropriately (In my eyes) and have decide…