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Where Theres Smoke... Theres Fire!!!

So you remember way back when, when I worked for hancock?? Well, I bought this fabric. Covered in half naked cowboys and old red pick ups-with plenty of aloe for soothing after you burn yourself with looking wink wink, Anyway, I decided to make Gertie's easy jacket from her Butterick line and use this for the lining.  ah La: 
Full Length Double-Breasted Coat Pattern by Gertie b582
And I've got this fabric, right? Its a weird sort of weave with curlique clouds all up on it. Anyway, I decided to pair the two together, because it kinda looked like steamy smoke. And where theres smoke, there's hothothot FIREY cowboy. 
Because I say so. 
Here are some In Production Photos

pockets designed so whenever I stick my hand in I get a palmful of HIM.  (Jealous??)

Fueled By Pepsi

Here is where I set in the bodice lining, and the pockets. 
And  didn't take anymore photos until just now to show the finished product lmao. 

Yoko Dana Picture Post

This would just be a quick picture post on the kimono I received from Yoko Dana, the lovely Used/Vintage kimono reselling shop I've been stalking, Oh a good five years? Anywho, pictures!!


Vintage Bullet Bra Post Two


Va Va Voom Bullet Bra Sew-a-long!!!

Joining the bra building babes! Heres what Ive got so far. Here is a selection of small yardages I have, just some that've been lurking. Im making both size DD and C because I don't know which one would fit best. Here I added a good inch to the sidebands, as I KNOW Im gonna need it. This is the size C.
The size DD is going to be in this cabbage rose looking fabric, just as the trial size.

Side note. Totally cut these out waiting for class to start. I admit I was kinda feeling wicked and wanted someone to ask me what I was doing. Alas, no one inquired.

Dearly would've loved seeing the reaction on someone's face when I told them I was sewing my bras.



Commiting A Sin

Its a dirty word in vintage circles. People have taken wonderful, one of a kind clothes and turned them into zombie costumes, bloody brides, quilts and purses. I recently ordered a shipment of 10 pounds of kimono from Yoko Dana (Will be another post detailing them, promise)

To tear apart these beautiful kimono would be blasphemous.

However, these kimono are already recycled. They've had their life, some of them have had several. They're stained and mended in places. They're sold with the express purpose of repurposing.

Took me about a week to come to terms with my sinful thoughts about the murder of these kimono. However, in the end, I want something wearable on an everyday idea. These kimono drag on the ground and don't come all the way around my American 'waist' if you could call it that. So, here is my first Idea.

What I call my Coral Kimono. This one has stains: and Patches:

And although it is gorgeous beyond words it is obviously at the…

Civil Seperation

Or, Civil War Era Seperates.

Stays; A Story

Lemon spotted stash fabric-odd. It has this short furry tezture on one side with silky dots, and reverse on the opposite. The lining was a thick cotton, almost like a fleece. I used size 18 renaissance stay, from the pattern that compliments my corderoy ren dress.

To bone it I was first thinking zip ties, but unfortunately they prooved too short for the corset. So, my basket reed, it is! Its flat, about 1/2 an inch wide and very springy. I used black thread for reasons numbering two. Firstly, because I had a full bobbin of black thread. Always the best incentive. Secondly, because I can clearly see my boning lines to assist me in positioning. I ended by using the black bias tape to finish it.

Sort of a bumblebee Stay type thing.

Spent an hour or so boning (hehe), first penning down the lines on the Right side of the lining, then inserting the boning itself. Of course, knowing my luck, some of the boning channels were too small, but reed cust easily and without fuss so we made due.…