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Truly Victorian Imperial Bustle

Im using some Truly Vic patterns to start with another Project, my Eye Watering Plaid dress. First things first, a Proper Large derriere. 
This is my fabric, a lovely polished synthetic that looks like carnivorous alien plant life: 

And of course I have the amazing pattern by Truly Victorian, 

Tobelsa, Letting Gender Confusion Go

So, my son can be defined as a typical boy. Dirty, whiny, running on some kind of nuclear battery that never ends, and adorable. He's also, if you want to put a name to it, on the autism spectrum. This is a HUGE spectrum, from people who are socially awkward (Yeah, thats a thing) to people who are violent and incapable of functioning without major assistance. My boy is a realm unto himself, as are all autistic children. I worked as a special ed admit for a few years and am familiar with the children who are slotted into the 'special' category and lemme tell ya, he is something else all together.