Freakin' Friday the thirteenth!

Okay, lemme tell the extraordinary thing that just occurred.

Firstly, I went to school today because I assumed, incorrectly, that I had class this morning. However, the class is only a monday, wednesday thing, so I found myself in the library, romping around on the internets. I had found that I left my phone in my car, and was loath to get it. Not only am I supremely lazy, but it is fifteen degrees outside, Im wearing a skirt, I parked farthest away AND Im supremely lazy. As I was typing away, checking email, talking to steph, I found myself anxious and that I kept trying to get up. So I decided, what the hell, it can't be as cold as I remember it, or as far to the car. I guess I'll go get my phone.

It was worse. Stupid wind. Stupid cold. Stupid parkinglot. Anyway, after my journey I sat down and played for another five minutes. The phone rang. Two things happened simultaniously.

First, I answered the phone. It was a job calling me back to interview for the cafeteria position! Holy crap, a real interview! As she was explaining, anothing thing happened.

The gentleman next to me, on the computer, began making noises in his throat. He lifted his arm to me, with spittle running down his face and began to completely freak out. I was speechless and blocked out much of what was said by the lady on the phone as this gentleman began rolling away from me on his chair and then stood up and made loud, deep throated noises, while he thrashed about. Part of me wanted to help, but another, bigger part of me was so freaked out I could only stare. Those around me looked, and then looked away. I almost geared myself up to go help, but another person began to and I was jolted back to my phone conversation.
Weirdest thing? It was after that, while I was marveling at my strange, anal desire to get my phone from a car in fifteen degree weather, I noticed the date. Friday, the thirteenth.


Anyway, the kid was okay, he ended up sitting back next to me, doing puzzles online for another good twenty minutes before sceedadling. The bigger thing is that I GOT AN INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I know that I wont get the job, because of my unfortunately school timings, but SERIOUSLY! Finally an interview! I'm worth something to someone! Until of course they check my background and see the stupid Meijer thing, but still, it gives me hope. Yay!

Okay, other things. Date with Donnie tomorrow. Yay! Excited about that. He wanted to see Tintin, but its too early to go to for my ideal. (Which was to leave late as possible so Alicia only had to watch Toby while he slept) Unless he wants to see it 3D. Anyway, WEIRD WEEK! First week of school, first interview in almost a year, going on a date, and FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!


Okay, firstly, the pattern was cut out by Alicia, as she could do it in her room. Since it was a tissue paper pattern it was very important that she be able to do it without my Tobymonster tearing through it like, well, tissue-paper.

Sunday evening we began pining and cutting the pattern whilst my baby beast slept. We managed to cut out the coat and the bustier, the majority of the work, before tiredness overcame me and we cleaned up and went to bed.

All day Monday I have been sewing which is much more tiring then one would think. I mean, heck, all I was doing was sitting on a chair and piecing things together. Poor Tobymonster had to fend for himself entertainment wise, with his bucket-o-blocks, chest of toys and some Disney movies. Alicia kept a weather eye out on him though, because he was born to destroy. Anyway, Things went smoothly, I sewed the coat facing, then the lining. Things got dicey when I tried it on Alicia and found the bottom of the sleeves to be saggy and dumpy. Genius I am, I decided to cut them to size.

Yeah, Im that dumb.

Anyway, long story short, the sleeves are every so slightly too tight now, and look horrible, which MEANS I will have to pin, cut and sew them back on. The probability of that is very low. We will work with what we have now, and when I am more patient I will tweak it.

So, finished combining the lining and the facing, put on the sleeves and connecting front. THe ruffle on the sleeves has been hemmed (badly) and applied. The last two things that need to be done it the neck ruffle, which needs to be hemmed and applied, and the hem itself, which needs to be sewn to look better.

Lastly, once the Tobymonster was sleeping soundly dreaming his little dreams, we got out the sewing supplies again. With some quick calculations and cutting we managed to cut out the skirt, the skirt pleats, and the various bits we missed because I nearly passed out in my pins. So, all the cutting? DONE! (i hope...)
Last night, I managed to pin and sew the pleated panels to the skirt bottom, sew the skirt yoke, and pin and sew the yoke to the skirt. So, aside from some minor fixing and the hem and buttons, the skirt is done. I figure Saturday I will make the bustier, bone it and possibly add the buttons... Im still waffling on that.

Anywho, it looks amazing, despite all the little things that I could have done to it. (Like sew it better). There are minor issues, the sleeves, the DAMN neck ruffle, the hem of the coat and the skirt, but aside from those bits and pieces Im doing fine.

SO proud of myself. :)

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