Truly Victorian Imperial Bustle

Im using some Truly Vic patterns to start with another Project, my Eye Watering Plaid dress. First things first, a Proper Large derriere. 

This is my fabric, a lovely polished synthetic that looks like carnivorous alien plant life: 

And of course I have the amazing pattern by Truly Victorian, 

The hooping as well. I have hooping, but I wanted to make the first one to the ideal measurements. 

For my boning channels Im using up some vintage (60s) bias tape I inherited. Yay, reduce reuse and recycle, (CHA!)

Love how this looks. OMG, it makes me sad I put them on the inside. 

My fabric choice came from a long tablecloth/runner, so had limited fabric. I wasn't able to ruffle the whole back but I got a good few flounces. I LOVE box pleating. Seriously. LOVE IT.

These are the inside of the bustle, before I flipped it out. 

And what it looks like under a petti. 

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