Ugh. Just Ugh

Okay, lets see... got a new outfit from goodwill:
Went to St Louis and on the way I ransacked Joanns and Hancocks for patterns, Here:

Modern Patterns

Historical Patterns

Retro Patterns
And then went to the goodwill outlet and got some cool fabrics for mock-ups, muslins and outfits too.

I have a few plans, but nothing concrete.

Now, I am having some issue. See, I've been TRYING to sew for the past two months, however, something always pops up literally JUST BEFORE I put needle to fabric. For example, the bobbin jams, three stitches in. The pattern I cut out disappears, or an important piece runs off by its lonesome. My scissors disappear.

I actually bought a brand new sewing machine, a computerized Brother, and yesterday as I was trying to sew a muslin of a corset, it freaks out. Why? Because my mom apparently wanted to play with it THAT MORNING. This thing had been sitting in the kitchen for DAYS and she had no inclination to sew but that morning, mere HOURS before I finally got myself the sew, she decided to fiddle with it.  Took hours to get it to work but by then I was just so frustrated that I said screw it.

I am starting to get to a point where I think its no longer worth it. I buy and buy, fabrics and patterns and doo-dads to sew better and in the end the garment either sucks ass, falls apart or never comes together because nothing ever works out for me.

Im trying to keep up the enthusiasm, but after months of trying and failing I'm starting to regret putting so much into this.

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