New Fabrics

So yesterday was a good day. My bestie Steph picked me up at like 11ish, Mumsy offered to watch the Lil Monster, and I ate Vietnamese food and went Goodwilling. All in all, not too bad. (Love my monster, but he's well, three. So its hard. Lol A day off is a GOOD thing)

Anyway, whilst out I drank a coffee drink that tasted nothing like coffee, a new Starbucks creation that uses unroasted green coffee beans as a base for the caffeine, then makes it flavored. Mine was Strawberry lemonade and all in all it was good and did its job. I was energized up and stayed in a good mood. Might need to stockpile those for my low mood swings.... hmmm.

Then, on the other side of town Goodwill'in, I found a huge pile of fabrics. Apparently, according to the type of fabric available, a little old lady donated the stash she had waiting from the seventies, lol. However, amidst the horrible rough polyesters and synthetics I actually found a few stretchy wovens that I am super excited about! There are here:

White with blue polkadots, solid blue flowers and hearts and green arrows. Kinda kistchy but I love it.

Brown and grey and white woven stretch material.

Forresty green with white scale-like pattern on a stretchy woven.

Grey and black and white houndstoothlike

This fabric kinda messes with the eye, black and white checkered
Purple and grey tartan/houndstooth

Pale pink with red, blue and grey stripes
So, all in all, a good haul. See, they are all on the far end of three yards, SUPER wide and more than that, five of the seven were half off! So I got these a pair of black heels and a hat for lil monster all for thirteen dollars. I was in a super good mood which was enhanced when I recieved three books I had ordered from Amazon.

1) The 1950s Beauty Book
2) The Encyclpedia of Country Living a
3) The Self Sufficient Life and How to Live it

Haven't received my new debit card, since the other one mysterious vamoosed, boo, but the books kept me over. After work last night I stayed awake till the wee hours of the morning, reading the beauty book and then playing with my patterns. Here some ideas.

I may run a little short with the pink BUT I am pretty short in height myself. So it may work out. :) Heres hoping.

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