Quick Pic Update

Current Project:

Hoping to get the bottom of the dress done soon, but this idea now is to go slowly, do every step and take my time. Heck, I even pounded in the eyelets in the back! (only five per side, should add four more but unfortunately I am sadly lacking in the get-up-and-go dealio. Oh Well)

I chose this particular pattern weirdly. I never intended to actually do it, I was just wondering about SCA and REnfaires and looking at the pattern. HIghly doped on dayquil I began cutting it, and just... did it. Turns out, for the underthings, I dont need to make a hoopskirt as I have a cone shaped one already. (Trying to make a ruffled petticoat to go over it and make it more bell shaped for some civil war things I wanna make...)

Anyway, I have tomorrow and the next day free as a bird, with work at 530. Heres hoping. :)

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