Civil Seperation

Or, Civil War Era Seperates.

The Challenge: Seperates
Fabric: Woolen Knit
Pattern: None/ Garibaldi Blouse 
Year: 1860
Notions: Thread, 15 pearly buttons
How historically accurate is it? Regretably, not very. The knit is slight stretchy and modern. The blouse Im thinking would be a good 60% accurate. Reusing materials, cotton, and white.
Hours to complete:6? Maybe?
First worn: Not Yet
Total cost: 2$ sheet for blouse, 1.50$ knitted fabric, 1$ in thread.

The Plaid's original design was some kind of cross between an 80's suit with a 50's line, but as my belly fat made that unappetizing, this is the new idea. Im making a selection of stretchy wovens that I have into some civil war era work skirts to pair with a few blouses.

Currently my co-seamstress and adoring mother is bruning through our stash of satin, silk, lace and embroidery to make some spectacular designs. (She will do a guest post on here sometime soon) But truth be told I really prefer something a little less LOOKIT ME!!!!


So the eye-tricking plaid was cut and stitched into a skirt, with a wide waist band. A La This: 

(In retrospect Im gonna turn the skirt so the seams are at the SIDES lol) There is a slight problem, what I like to call, the Red Babbon Butt 

Yeah, the skirt is too short for this hoopskirt. Sigh. 

I haven't done much detail photos on the blouse but its a Truly Victorian pattern: 

1861 Garibaldi Blouse

My Mum bought this lovely sheet with a stripe of tatted lace at the top, wedged between the rest of the sheet and a three inch end. So I cut it to keep the lace at about the wrist, thinking that lace at the shoulders would be a bit too immodest. The rest of the lace scraps went into the collar, adding this decorated, but modest lovely top. 

Now, about the hoopskirt issue. I have long desired a simpler, smaller, more modest hoopskirt, whereas Co-seamstress and Mistress of the Embellishments wants one a la The King and I: 

So after perusing the patterns available, I see this: 

A modest skirt and a larger skirt, by Martha McCain, whom I adore. 

LOW AND BEHOLD! The pattern plus is corset pattern 

For fifteen dollars! The pair of them! As this is an OOP (Out Of Print) Pattern, this is a good price. Then, as I watch is on Ebay, it GOES DOWN TO 10 DOLLARS! 

FYI, Go buy stuff from Christine : Shes got Corsets and Crinolines for 50$!!! IF ONLY I HAD THE MONEY!!!

SO I bought them, should get them within the next week or so AND BOOM

Modest, respectable work clothes, and for cheapsies too. 


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