Faux Ups


So, I mess up a lot. I mean, A LOT. It begins with some kind of oblivious, ignorance. I dont make muslins.

I know the reasons I SHOULD make a muslin. I dont want to ruin my fabric. I dont want my clothes to be ill-fitting. I put time and effort into my finished product and a muslin would help beautify the end result. I have SO MUCH extra sheeting and curtains and other bits and bob which I can make muslins out of.

I just... dont.

I am too excited to sew with my fashion fabric, too enthusiastic to make do with something boring. Also, Im lazy. I can barely finish something I WANT to sew, let alone something I should-probbaly-do-because-it-would-later-make-my-life-easier.

Anyway, another problem I have is a complete and total lack of staying power. If I were a guy and sewing was sex I'd be... well, unpopular. If Im sewing something and I hit too many snags, or have a bad day, or maybe if the wind is blowing from the southwest and a few knots too many per hour... I drop shit. I just dont want to finish, get bored with the details, or get so far into an item that I can see the finished product and... meh. Lose interest.

So anyway, I was cleaning, a big shocker there, and found a bunch of projects that are hideous, unfinished and barely fit from when I BEGAN this latest sewing endevor like, two years ago? Three? Also, some things that encouraged me to drop sewing like a hot potato and give into the fact that I am never going to be the belle of the ball and I should just make do with holey jeans and work clothes.

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