Ariels Pink Dress Tutorial Three

For the back closure I knew three things.

1) No zippers. I dont have anything against them, as a whole, trust me. But in my costumes an obvious zipper just kinda sticks out badly.

2) No buttons. A thousand buttons like seed pearls swooping down the spine in a row looks gorgeous... but have you ever tried to sew those suckers on? omg. And image, getting INTO and OUT OF the dress!? So, no buttons.

3) Buttons and zippers are the only things I had experience with.

There is a third option. But it involves... murder...


No, I jest. it involves lacing. 

First I googled. 

Ehow, Inserting a Back Lacing

Sew For Dough Adding A Corset Back

After a lot of peering suspiciously at these tutorials, and paging through so many wedding dresses Im sure my cats think Im up to something, I decided to take the plunge. 

It wasnt a big deal actually. I pinned the silky lacing in loops to the fashion fabric, the put the cotton lining on top. I sewed it down and flipped it. Boom. Instant lacing. 

Not too shabby for my first time around the block if I do say say myself. 

Anyway, next part was kinda tedious. 

The cream insets. 

As stated before there are many ways to go about the slashes, I set up the diamonds on the flat sleeve and then stab stitched it down. And then I pieced together some trim on it. Omg. SO FREAKING TEDIOUS. Ugh. Anyway I was able to do one sleeve. 

Then I was able to fit the pouf sleeves by ruching it up. 

Then as you can see I pinned a silky piping to the neckline and waist line. 

Still a lot to do but, getting there! 

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