High Waisted Cheetah

Recently hit the motherland and got to shop Pinupgirl's online yard sale. I lucked out on a tiki dress, a ruffled skirt and swimsuit that regrettably was too big.

Anyway perusing through the pages I realized how much I like the rockabilly aesthetic. Animal print meet rock meet goth meet vintage? Why don't mind if I do!  However, being on the far end of my twenties I realize certain realities lol.

Thus inspired I collected a pattern from butterick,  a really nice highwaisted pencil skirt that caught my eye. In a fortuitous turn of events there was this cotton poplin shirting I'd admired in its bold cheetah print 60% off at joanns. Hey who am I to deny fate?

With visions of pin up girls dancing in my head I pieced together this masterpiece. 

Some notes. I'm shaped oddly. I've got fairly decent legs, nice chest, but due to my ten lb son and a lifetime of Dr pepper and bad (delicious ) food, I've got this sludgey blurgey gut hanging out. So tight high waisted things merely outline my gut . I think officially I'm an 'apple' shape.

However.  I don't care. I love this skirt and I'll wear it with a body like a can of fruit cocktail.

So, I've been seeing these zippers hanging about and I got curious. I like to add a little zing to my style, so I applied the exposed lace zipper in black to the back of the skirt.

(I've also got a white and grey just waiting for the right project. One can never have enough zippers to my opinion)

The poplin has an almost invisible stripe of weft and weave and just a bit of stretch. I lined the whole thing and followed the instructions exactly. I find that while my bulging belly fits a good size twenty, my thighs and legs are more on the sixteen/eighteen side of things. So I tried it on, took it off, and sewed and inch on either side. I did that like, three times until I believe it fit well. 

Angus Helped 

See? Helping.


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