My Underthings, for 2017 Portrait

Family Portrait 2017; My Underwear

I was going to go all out and use the rare pattern I finally collected to make the stays, pannier, and chemise. I really was. But I sewed two stays from American Duchess' pattern and well, practice makes perfect right? I gotta say, I am so glad I did. Since I haven't tried the rare pattern yet I dont know how it sews up so anything could go wrong.

This is the pattern, I do have it but Im just not wanting to go into all that goes into creating the pattern. Maybe later.

Anyway, I use a blue on off white pattern slightly loose weave for the fashion fabric, and a thicker poly blue for the inners. Cotton bias tape for edges. When making the nieces' stays I found the thick, strong zip ties were a little too bulky? I mean, it made it quick to sew, but I had to straighten the curled zip ties and the end result is a little overbearing. So I used the slightly smaller 14'' zip ties and the end result is definitely a lot more authentic looking. Very close to the look of reed boning without the spontaneous stabbing which may happen in case a reed snaps.

I wanted to line it but I really didnt want to line it. I mean, I want to have a fully finished stay and be proud of my work but holy Hera I dont know where I put the pattern pieces, and the linen and Im in the middle of a move and... Yeah Im lazy. Lol. As for the eyelets, why is everything so Three Little Bears? Too big, too small. Nothing just right. So hand sewn eyelets, taking FOREVER TO SEW. But, having sewn Mums stays and done the 86 some odd eyelets, I find myself much better at making them. Im quite proud.


The Curious Frau

I used the Lovely 'The Curious Frau's tutorial on stitching the eyelets. Very helpful.

Hips of the 8411. Very large, not historically accurate and SO FREAKING EASY! Like, OMG WHY DID I PUT MYSELF THROUGH THE OTHER ONES!! Took me like, an evening, thats it, working with half a brain while I did other things. I used tubing instead of steel boning or zip ties cause I have none of one and not a big enough of the other! But so light, and easy. Love it!!

The chemise is a big mess. Lol. Think linen table cloth, pattern from both my brain and googling 18th century shift patter. 85% hand sewn. VERY LARGE, but Im hoping for some dramatic flaring when I strap on the stays. Short too, because I didnt measure correctly. Oh well. Live and learn. Its just a chemise/shift, not like its my end result.



I have this lovely, evil looking prequilted fabric all done up in a semi-decent petti, to create a smoother drop.

In addition to another petticoat which may very well end up being the actual underskirt of my garment.

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