Halloween 2013 (It Rhymes!!!)

So last Halloween me and the family went to the trick o treating at Lincolns home street. Of course we dug out the hoopskirts for this and I whipped together something for my boy to wear to kinda/sorta fit in. Here we are!                                                                                                                                                          

It was very fun, except for the awkward part where people thought we were passing out candy. Im wearing mom's Furniture Day Dress, she's wearing her brown silk Ballgown and Alicia is wearing my School Marm outfit. Toby is cobbled together with something that kind fits? Anway, I wanted to show a few fun shots of how-we-got-into-those-things before the treating --->

Beware, Womens In States Of Undress Under The Break

(Scandelous in the 1800s, modest for Nowadays)

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