New shirts

So I have been mentally preparing myself for attempting to sew my summer/fall wardrobe. Hopefully my plans will come to fruition but so far when I plan things out I tend to well, ditch halfway.

This will be my first official planning post as pertains to wardrobe.

So I have planned approximately seven shirts. I have had really good success with two retro patterns which seem to flatter my figure and am chancing it with the final seventh. 

The first three are variations on the pattern Simplicity 1692. 

The first is a large rose print with rose buttons, fully lined in pale pink cotton, version D. 

Simplicity 1692 Front View

When I first saw this fabric, I knew I had to have an article of clothing out of it. I mean, Hey! The huge cabbage roses are gorgeous, and the print is so lively but at the same time, soft and feminine. I decided to line it, I forget why, it probably would've handled being unlined. 

Simplicity 1692 Back View

Mayhap the facing was too much for me? I dunno. Anyway, I cut out a 20 hoping for a 16 1/2 to 18 size but it came out a bit small. Instead of scrapping it I unpicked two of the pleaty-dart things in the front.

Unpicked innermost tucks

 Left me with a bit of blue marking but it fits! These are absolutely lovely pink roses at the shoulder. 

Pretty. :)

The second is a black puff sleeved variation with a ruched collar in a black linen like blend Version B.

Simplicity 1692 Version B

LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric. Like most of my fabric its stash that I acquire occasionally through Goodwill, garage sales and such. I suppose I double stash-bust; first by buying someones unused stash and then using it, lol. The puff sleeves are a bit... assertive, lol, but still look adorable, although a bit long. It was my first time sewing this particular version and I'm pleased to report the design is easy, the work manageable and the result is quite becoming. 

So honestly, to tell the truth and shame the devil, I didn't really look at the instructions to make this particular shirt. So the ruched up from and back neck slit were just spur of the moment things. I inserted a long cord to help even out the rucking, which comes out the back neck slit. (Apparently its a regular design feature, go figure!)

Back View
Still WIP, need to insert zipper, hem the bottom and shorten the sleeves a bit, and to finish the neckline. 

Lastly is an unlined silky tiger print .

Honestly, this is a lovely fabric. Its playful, fun, slinky and silky and SUCKS EGGS. The fabric is just dark enough I cant ink the tuck spots, just silky enough my marking pencil doesn't work and colorful enough that any effort I make to finish it has been... well unsuccessful. 

... That's as far as I got. 

I am ashamed. 

Everything needs bits and pieces and ironing, and I'm pleased to say that most will get done. (Perhaps not the tiger. Need to ruminate on that) 

My next project is this one:

I made a version of the collared one in a 'Holly' Fabric so I'm pretty confident I can breeze through these three shirts. The idea is that two of these shirts will be used both with skirts and pants but also top a specific dress turning a single article; the dress, into something looks like a shirt and skirt combo. 

Anyway, off I go. 

Wish me luck!

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