Butterick 5748

Okay, long time no post. I actually have an excuse, see my keyboard doesnt work.

A while ago, like, a year? My delightful son decided to pick some of the keyboard keys off the laptop. He got at least half off, and I managed to salvage most of them. I am still missing, currently, both Enters, left Shift button, K, and the up arrow. Either at the same time or for completely different reasons, the keyboard itself decided it would only work occasionally, and only a few buttons. I got by for a while but when H and B decided to go, I gave up. (My name is Holly Brown. It seemed appropriate)

I did order a new keyboard and inserted it... but it didn't work. Oh well. Then I began using an external keyboard because honestly, the laptop doesn't leave my sewing room, and I use an external mouse anyway. So now, to get it to work, I have to plug in the keyboard which sometimes works and sometimes doesnt. If it doesnt work I need to unplug and replug, over and over, until I feel like some kind of perv who likes computers, A LOT. If it did work, then sometimes one of the buttons would randomly get stuck and I'd end up with some thing like thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Yeah. So Sunday I finally got up the verve and bought a cordless keyboard. Now I can actually write about the sewing I've been doing.

Which up until recently, is nill. Geez I like in Springfield and the heatwave has fried every last bit of willpower I posses. I'm lucky I've made it this far.


Saturday, I found a pattern that I had cut out and presumably made although to be honest I dont remember it. Does anyone else have like, sewing binges and blackouts? Ugh.

Oh my head.... wow. This is a nice dress.... where did it come from??

Its called Butterick 5748 heres a pic-

Cute huh? Also? RIDICULOUSLY EASY. Like, four pattern pieces and six darts easy. Worse part? Cutting. But since I had already supposedly MADE this dress. (Seriously, I have no clue what fabric I used or even where the dress got to) the pattern was cut for me.

Like this, but with paisley cotton. 

I work in an office, an insurance providers one. I sit in a neat little cubical and am let out at kindly intervals to stretch and to feed. When I began this job I wore a dress EVERY DAY. Seriously. EVERY DAY I work a dress. Unfortunately, I have like six dresses that I can wear and three of them are off the rack. (All shirt-dresses from thrift stores but still). Anyway, lately I have been falling back into the alarming habit of jeans, t-shirt. Not even CUTE jeans and t-shirts, but like, college stuff.

So I decided, this pattern is cut, its simple. I'll cut out two dresses in it and have two ready for this week! I had no expectations. Lately despite coming to terms about my size a lot of the stuff I've made has fitting issues and its terribly depressing to spend so much time, energy and excitement on something that just refuses to work. I was pleasantly surprised. These dresses are adorable! Its a simple, hopefully flattering cut that came together nicely and I will be the hot mama of the cube farm.

Like this. Except the interface only ACTS decades old instead of looking it. 

As of this moment (9:22 on Sunday) I have sewn up both bodices, lined them, sewn up the skirts, dressed up Blue in them and squealed a bit, then realized I lack suitable zippers of any kind. Sigh. So they shall remain semi-finished until tomorrow, when I shall purchase their zippers and try them on. So far, they fit, but strange things happen to my sewing between fitting and finishing.

Strange things.


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