I've Never Been Sarong.... or So Sari....

hehe. See what I did there?

Ellen sees. She sees what I did there.



Anyway. GOODWILL!!!

I was browsing Goodwill for cast off yardage or really cool curtains, hey, Im not picky where the fabric comes from (or what it was BEFORE) when I came across this lovely green stuff. Further inspection revealed it to be a length of silky emerald green embroidered with gold, with a border print and a large section of design at one end. I was confused, but put it together.

A SARI!!!!


Now, I have a few vintage kimono I bought from Yoko Dana which I have been meaning to cut into to make a dress. Only I can't. On account of reasons. Which are valid.

Also, they're pretty.

Anyway, I snatched it up.... and behind it was another one. And another!

The last one was a duller beige and I, regrettably, put it down and purchased two.

These two!!!!

Displaying IMG_20140626_212714_934.jpg

Displaying IMG_20140626_212726_997.jpg

Displaying IMG_20140626_212818_058.jpg

Displaying IMG_20140626_212830_623.jpg

Then, THEN THEN!!!!

I went back today, trying to find the third. See, I LOVE them. They're light and drapey but rich and luxe and amazing. Sadly, it had been snatched up.

But I found this one.

Displaying IMG_20140626_212628_025.jpg

Displaying IMG_20140626_212556_598.jpg



So the red/beige is sheer but silk and slinky, and the green/beige is REALLY sheer and a slightly stiffer fabric. The green is more opaque and well, frankly, my favorite. I've been SEARCHING for a good vintage or vintage repro that I can use to show off these babies to their full effect.

Here are some ideas that google search has provided me:


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