So, finally corralled my sister into taking a quick photo shoot of me in the backyard, whilst Toby ran wild and polluted his pool with dirt and grass and whoknowswhatelse to the left of me. 

This first dress I made using this really cool bike fabric I found at, shocker, Goodwill, and it was a jagged pain in my tailbone I tell you. First I had a neat, narrow trim of black bias tape around the neckline and hem, but as I was sewing it, the 1987 (Literally the date printed on the fabric) bike strewn cotton RIPPED on me. 

And that wasn't the last time! It did it three times total, but I was determined to sew the dress. Problem was, by the time I was finished with it, the neat black bias tape was all wonky and crooked and begged pitifully for mercy. Magnanimously, I cut it off and retried with a bright yellow.   Here is it. 

(Also, I've been practicing my victory rolls. This particular set is actually just to see how long they stay in my hair, but then I used the opportunity to not look like a big Walmart-frequenting disaster for my shoot. Because usually I am. :D ) 

The next two dresses in line I already wrote about, I think, but didn't photograph. Its a really nice, basic block which really does nothing for me without the proper accessories, but still, have to document it. This particular print is navy blue, with white polka dots and tiny red flowers with grey stems. Cuz, why not? (Another goodwill find)

Hoooomagawd, So at this time I turned my head and freaked out because something was flying near me and landed on my shoulder. It was a butterfly! He was gorgeous but I screamed anyway, on account of, well, FLYINGTHINGONMYSHOULDERHOLYHELLWHATISIT- oh a butterfly. 

Anyway, I held still for a minute and he visited again! Lookit him!!! PRETTY!

...does this make me a Disney Princess?? 

Anyway. More photos.

Now at this point I realized my hair was still pinned up in the back and I let those locks loose baybee. Whoosh! 

Last dress is not done and frankly needs A LOT MOAR WORK. Which is why is goes in a pile in my closet. Ugh. Anyway, here it is just for funsies. 

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