Beetlejuice Suit

So, imagine this. But like, in a cheaper, thinnish poly satin from Walmart way, stripes a little less that an inch in diameter. I got like, five yards in REALLY wide roll. You know what I see when I see black and white stripes??

Hiya, Babes

Oh yeah. Beetlejuice. :D

So of course I tell myself, "No Holly you can't make a Beetlejuice suit. It'd look more like this: 

Than This: 

PLUS. Im Plus sized. AND the stripes are too thin. ALSO EVEN if I made a suit it'd have to be vintage. And that involves not only a huge amount of work, with horse hair and pad stitching and so many layers to keep the shape, it ALSO means a pencil skirt. (On account of, because) 

Too many reasons why it would be a bad idea. 

So I bought all five yards and am looking at vintage suit patterns. 

... So sue me. :D

1950s Womens Suit Pattern Advance 8031 Two Piece by paneenjerez, $40.00

1950s Womens Suit Pattern Advance 6978 Two Piece by paneenjerez, $40.00

1940s Womens Suit Pattern Simplicity 4769 Pleated by paneenjerez, $10.00
Vintage 1950s Two Piece Suit Dress Pattern by downthestreet, $15.00

1940s Dress Pattern McCall 7188 Womens Two Piece by paneenjerez, $75.00

Of course these are just pipe dreams, suits which are hard to get ahold of. 

Here are some which are available now: 


Or go the way of Gertie...


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