Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow

Okay! So all last week when I went to work (Thats four days of work on account of the free, fourth of July Friday) I did my hair up in vintage style. I also took some pictures!

So the first two are of Sunday night, the night I actually managed to put my hair up without losing all feeling in my arms or collapsing from heat exhaustion!

The very next day, Monday, I wore my Bike Dress, with my favorite heels, and a black loose knit cardigan.

So Very Pleased!!

My Favorite Heels!!!!

The very next day I wore my favorite dress, the Wedding-Dress-In-An-Everyday-Way. 

And the next day, in my Off-The-Rack American Shirtdress. Very happy to wear this one too, because I was able to rock out my leopard print fur belt and....

THESE FABULOUS AMAZING SHOES!!! OMG!!!! They fit like a dream and are gorgeous!!!!

After work that day I actually had to have a visit with my Doctor......

And on Thursday, I wore another off-the-rack, a jungle print shirtdress. By that time the hair was getting a little difficult, but I managed it. :)

So very happy that I managed all week with the style. Now I'm contemplating wearing a different one next week, but geez! I've never taken so many selfies in my LIFE!!


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