Ugly Underthings

So, petticoats are a must. They add that extra umph to a full outfit, hiding the bones in your hoopskirt (Oh! What a faux pas!) and smoothing the bumps in your humps when you dare to wear a bustle.

Picture borrowed from here

So I decided to make a petti that would help with my current projects. Despite radiosilence over here I am working on our outfits for Lincoln's funeral, and Im also working on my "Oh! MY EYES" bustle dress which is taking forever because I keep ADDING TO IT UGH! 

(Im also working on some 14th century clothes for some ren faires we're going to but thats not petti-appropriate) 

First, this is a fabric that was either a curtain or a sheet. I have my doubts. It has the curtain loop at the top, but its a white back fabric with pale water colored lilies and blues and greens. Odd choice to emphasize the sofa and bay window if you ask me. Anyway, its absolutely lovely, in a nice cotton. But I am notoriously hard on my clothes (I.E Im a slob) and something so pale would undoubtedly become horribly stained the moment I considered putting it on. 

So I cut in into three long panels about a yard in width. Sewed all three panels a long loop, and cartridge pleated one of the three and knife pleated the rest. I did this so I can use this petti for the hoops or the bustle. The hoops are going to be used to portray Lincoln's funeral, so its gonna be late 1860, when things were going a bit elliptical. the extra fabric at the back should lend me a slightly more correct profile.  For the bustle, obviously, its going to need a bit more fabric to cover my badonkadonk. I didn't hem it yet, Im still debating a flounce, but I used some stash lace covered ribbon as a narrow waistband and finished it with a hook and eye. 

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