Swan Sheild

Martin Schongauer  Shield with Swan, Held by Woman, c. 1480/1490  Rosenwald Collection  1943.3.82  Love the one-sleeve idea....
Schongauer, Martin
German, c. 1450 - 1491
Shield with Swan, Held by Woman
c. 1480/1490

I love this gown. Theres not much to go on, from what I see, there are at least two gowns. Under dress with 3/4 sleeves, like a chemise or cotehardie. Overdress something like a houpplande, voluminous skirts and one full art, the other sleeveless with three dagged lengths hanging from the sleeve-head. 

Firstly, the sleeve is gonna have to be drafted. Hoo boy. I'll deal with that later. Lets talk pattern. 

I love this pattern. Its easy, relatively historically accurate (Not coming from an expert here, but from what I read) I've sewn it once before with success. This will be perfect for the underdress/cotehardie. 

For the houpplande I have this OOP pattern with RIDICULOUS sleeves. However, ignoring the sleeves, the top and skirt would make a perfect basic pattern for the outer dress

Now, colors. Yes, Green and Purple are tempting, but Im not a huge fan of that. Too Maleficent/Dragonish for me. I found the most perfect green cotton at Wal-Mart, shockingly enough, although I had to hit up two of them for enough yardage. 

Next Step, Visualization 

Yes, the wimple and veil are on my list as well, lol. 

Now, drafting the dagged sleeve-thingys. After a little debate and research I found no help at all. Seriously. So I just jumped in, feet first. I sketched out the design I liked on paper, about a foot and a half worth. 

Then I took a thick black marker and SLOWLY, PAINSTAKINGLY drew out the first of the three. 

At this time I have the sleeves paired, particoloured, with grey in front and green behind. 

Once the sleeve was drawn down I pinned the two fabrics together and then began sewing. I found handsewing gave me more control and neatness, but machine sewing was quicker. 

Got bored with that REAL quick lemmetellya, and so put together the houplande

-and took the time to self fabric some buttons for the one sleeve. Just for fun. 

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