Beauty and the Me Without Caffeine

Belle's dress is iconic. It is the iconic Disney Dress of the Iconic Disney Princesses. Seriously. Anyone can see gold ruching and immediately think, BELLE. You can't help it.  So, of course, the dream of dreams for all good little Disney girls, is to have this gown.

Belles dress is my Third favorite gown. (Ariel's Pink Dress is my first and Snow whites gown my second) Although Belles is the most magical to me, I find myself bothered by the solid colors of it. I mean, I would cheat, beg and a steal to wear it and then never take it off, but well, there it is. I have other favorites.

Of course being a seamstress, I need to sew the dress. Its a thing. When most people say, "OMG I need to own the thing" we sewistas get all narrow eyed and heavy breathing with the need to MAKE THE THING.  Belle, however, has always been one of my love/hate dresses. I dislike ruching. I don't like the bustling kind of ruching, I don't like the effect it gives and I HATE hand sewing it. Because its never EVEN. UGH!
Too. Much.
But I digress. Belle's dress is a different kind of ruching, one that I can appreciate, even as I wince at the amount of TIME it will take to MAKE it. Sigh.

Anyway, I have yards and yards of gold poly satin. I mean YARDS. Different shades too, brassy gold here, dull matte candlelight colored gold here, and even bronzey gold tucked away somewhere. Ive always wanted to make belle's dress out of it. I mean, stash-busting the most AWESOME WAY, right?  However, my fear of failure kept me from cutting into that virgin cloth. The techniques t make belle's gown are just SO different from my usual style. I was too overwhelmed to try.

Recently, my niece came to visit me. She's a cutie, just four years old. It occurred to me, I could make her a mini-belle gown, stashbust and PRACTICE for my own Belle gown AT THE SAME TIME! So, I set about adventuring thtough my stash closet for fabrics.

Guys. It was so freaking easy. Jesus, making a little girls dress is SO MUCH EASIER than making an adults! It may seem obvious to you but this is a revelation to me. I even whipped up a hoop skirt with pleated ruffle in A DAY. A DAY! Normally it take me a day to PLEAT THE RUFFLE!

So, without furthur adeu, My Niece AmiaBelle.


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