Dressing My Gentleman-Ssster

Im on Instagram (Oh god, Im one of THOSE people) and loving the Layout app I downloaded, that way I can get all the pertinent photos up and together in a cohesive way. YAY!

This is the coat of Burda, which I have been working on steadily for a short time. I get easily distracted so most of the work is done in a day, and then three weeks later I'll sew on a button. Lol.

Teal is my sisters FAVORITE color, and I happened to have just enough of this teal, linen-like fabric to cobble together a halfway decent regency coat. You might notice, however, a few deviations from the original pattern.

"I say Sir, have you noticed a distinct narrowing of my tails?"

In my research of regency Dressing Thy Gentleman-Sister, I found the following inspiration.

Costume Parisien 1817:

Costume Parisien 608:

I like the shape of the cut-away coat much better with narrow tails.

And lets be real here, you and me.

I ran out of fabric.


SO! Highly fashionable narrow tails it is! I self drafted them. After sewing the coat together according to instructions up to that point, I just ad-libbed. Woot!

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