Fembot Nipple Darts

My Trip to Disney in 2014 is well documented in my blog. Less well documented is the dresses I wore. I only have this one here of the Honey Do Dress, a fabric covered in white Daisies, bee hives and bees, and a few of my Micky Dress, as shown below. 

The Pattern I used was Butterick 6094

Absolutely a dream to work with, super easy. I love patterns like this, with a modest neckline, but a little flair to allow one to show one's creativity.

For the back of the Honey Do dress I used a blue linen facing to compliment the centers of the daisies, and on the Mickey I used two big black buttons and a red on red mickey mouse fabric from Joanns.

Mickey Mouse Fabric By the Yard, Half, Fat Quarter Head Shadows on Red 100% Cotton Quilting Apparel Fabric BTY t6/40

Actually I was quite proud of these dresses, and they were my go-to nice dresses when going out.

Then it happened. Wearing the Honey Do dress, my Honey Bunny got a weird giggly look to his face and I immediately knew.

She feels it, she feels the pain of the nipples.

The bust darts on this thing! I sewed them so that they ended at the nipples, which, even with a sweater makes it look like Im, er... excited. You know what Im talking about. Darn french darts.

Oh lala!

Well, now that I knew about it I cant ignore it. I was so mad! So much work, such cute outfits and I couldnt wear them. I briefly entertained seamripping and attempting a less nipple-tastic bodice, but eh. I was uninspired.

It let all the Air out of me. hehe
Then it occurred to me. Its spring now, going into summer and Im really digging the separates. It wouldnt be too hard to simply cut the dresses at the waist and make skirts!

Since I dug the peeled back look of the back view I really racked my brain for a way to incorperate it into the skirt. And I got it. Exposed pockets! Boom!

So I cut off the peeled backs in square shapes, applied them to the sides of the dress-turned-skirt and BOOM.

Two new circle skirts with cute exposed pockets.


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