Va Va Voom Bullet Bra Sew-a-long!!!

Joining the bra building babes! Heres what Ive got so far.
Here is a selection of small yardages I have, just some that've been lurking. Im making both size DD and C because I don't know which one would fit best.
Here I added a good inch to the sidebands, as I KNOW Im gonna need it. This is the size C.

The size DD is going to be in this cabbage rose looking fabric, just as the trial size.

Side note. Totally cut these out waiting for class to start. I admit I was kinda feeling wicked and wanted someone to ask me what I was doing. Alas, no one inquired.

Dearly would've loved seeing the reaction on someone's face when I told them I was sewing my bras.



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