Commiting A Sin

Its a dirty word in vintage circles. People have taken wonderful, one of a kind clothes and turned them into zombie costumes, bloody brides, quilts and purses. I recently ordered a shipment of 10 pounds of kimono from Yoko Dana (Will be another post detailing them, promise)

To tear apart these beautiful kimono would be blasphemous.

However, these kimono are already recycled. They've had their life, some of them have had several. They're stained and mended in places. They're sold with the express purpose of repurposing.

Took me about a week to come to terms with my sinful thoughts about the murder of these kimono. However, in the end, I want something wearable on an everyday idea. These kimono drag on the ground and don't come all the way around my American 'waist' if you could call it that. So, here is my first Idea.

Coral Kimono, Ignore my unfinished Bookcases.


What I call my Coral Kimono. This one has stains:
and Patches:

And although it is gorgeous beyond words it is obviously at the end of its lifespan.

HOWEVER, these amazing embroidered bits catch me, and it still is full of colorful life.

Despite the large image of some kimono, with draping and dragging hems, a kimono itself doesn't have a tone of yardage to it. This is mainly due to the idea of yardage. Most kimono is made from kimono fabric, which is not very wide.

With this is mind, Im going to make a narrow skirted vintage pattern. Its a wiggle type dress, but the narrow skirt would be perfect to enhance and show off the hem detail of the kimono.

Now Im not going into this completely blindly, like my poo ignore Jeff Goldblum dress. I'll be making this in a muslin out of this weird, pale moss green fabric my mom found at goodwill.

20 Yards of this stuff!!!

If the muslin passes muster then I'll cut into the kimono.

...and fear for my mortal soul.


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