Vintage Bullet Bra Post Two


Cups sewn together on my lovely cabbage rose DD Bullet Bra.

Here we see the lovely Mount DD, in all its natural glory, a midst the scenic mauve purple meadows of Miscellaneous half-Finished Skirt! 

Spiral Sewn cups, not as difficult as one is led to believe.  

Quite by accident, my center, horizontal seam seems to have matched up perfectly! Yay for random matching!

And ere is the always lovely Blue, modeling the almost finished mock-up!

And my Lil One, who sees a camera and stands still saying Smile! Smile!!!

Regrettably, my own Mountains seem to be just a bit too... impressive to even fit this one! Although it fits round the middle, so battle won there! Anyway, this mock up is ever so slightly too small cup wise and I'm open to do some revamps soon.

Te second bra I knew was too small but still wanted to work on...  

Got Here, to the spirally stitch. sewn the two sides together... and realized it wouldn't even fit my twelve year old niece. Must have done something wrong... Ill look into it. 

Anyway, tank you for reading my Va va VOOM journey! Heres a link to the tutorial on Va Va Voom!


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