Jeff Goldblum 40's Dress

This was very difficult a desition to make. Honestly. I got five yards of fabric with this image up down and sideways all over it:
Yes, Must be EXTRA LARGE

For reasons unknown the artist allowed me to create the fabric from spoonflower!

Anyway, apparently five yards is not enough for a decent twirly skirt according to my vintage patterns, and since Im relatively new to sewing I'd hate to wreck it with a homemade pattern. So I chose this one:

It uses only about three yards, which means I can have extra to make a drindl skirt. Seems a fair trade. Anyway, here are my thoughts.

Firstly, either this pattern runs small or my ass is getting bigger. I cut an 18 and its still a good sive too small. I had to add a bit in the skirt and the bodice. (40's dresses were made with little fabric as they could, so maybe I miscalculated...) After piecing together I realized something that had been worrying me.

The idea of this pattern is its tailored cuts. The cut across the bosom, the skirt slant. Its all made to enhance the look of the dress without adding unnecessary fabric. However, my pattern is so busy and attention grabbing you miss the point of the cuts. Instead it just looks like a sloppy job.

So, in effort to neaten it up, I went out and bought some thin silver ribbon. The idea was to outline the pieces and enhance the 'idea' of the dress. Heres what I got with my testing.

I like the effect. Honestly, its not what I thought it would be, but I like it. Its got this oriental, futuristic vibe to it Im rockin' to.

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