Kermit Korset

All Behold! Repurposed Kermit Leather Bag Into Waist Cincher Corset! 3/4's DONE

More Kermit Below

The bag was covered in these little kermie faces, a kind of dark green on beige thingy.

During one of my many forays into the Goodwill Outlet I came across a beige purse with lil Kermits all over it. I snatched it up, despite its broken handle, because, well, KERMIT. I figured that I would probably salvage the kermie patch and maybe some of the fabric.

I dont know when I decided to make it into a waist cincher, it just popped into my head. I used a Burda pattern, which I will post a bit later. Anyway, there is no boning, just some interfacing between the front and lining.

I used a dark green velvety stuff to break up the pattern because there was not enough Kermit Leather to make the full cincher. The lining is a lovely, if eccentric lime green crepe-backed satin. Probably Poly. The bias tape edge matches the lining pretty well.

After putting this together I began to think of historical period costumes... Maybe a Kermit flavored bustle gown?  

Modeled on my loverly sister

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