Wedding Bells... But In An Everyday Way

Okay, I have some ivory satin which is going to make a PERFECT vintage wedding gown with this new pattern I gushed over previous entry ago:

BUT I need to make a muslin first. I was very excited and wanted to make something actually wearable, but I have been burned before by the heat of overexcitement.

However, I do not learn from my mistakes. :)

So anyway, I used this lovely fabric I was going to make a kimono out of, with vertical birch trees and red cardinals. It worked perfectly. Its absolutely amazing. Here are some In Progress shots.

I love this dress design so much, for its simplicity. I am ga-ga over it, really. The only addition to it to make it fit is two darts on either side, front and back:

But this simple addition MAKES the dress.

I found that size 18 fits me perfectly, amazingly. I love it. I also found something that was kind of a theme in my Seek and Find Lustful Patterns. That is, every 'wedding dress' design from this era can be shortened, with shorter sleeves, and make an everyday dress! Anyway, here are some pictures of me all prettied up and rocking my new fashion.

All I need is a ruby cardigan and some rocket red pumps!

And some shots of the hair, make-up and bust detail:

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