Styling Myself

Another Personal Style Ideal thing. Not of the sewing persuasion. Feel free to ignore.

Okay, so, I dress like a community college student. Mmmhmmm. Its true. I wear jeans, Batman Tshirts, old sneakers, sometimes even my work pants (Black stretch things not fit to be seen in) I used to dress in hippy-esque attire, i.e. long flowy broomstick skirts with solid colored tshirts and flats, but grew bored and angry with them. (They dragged in the mud, attracted the attention of my hunting cats, ripped, frayed, and collected debris) So I removed them from my wardrobe with the exception of a few favorites, and thought that the lack would inspire me to create more clothes for myself.

.... FAIL

Now Im wearing worse clothes, and in addition, borrowing from my mom's old stack. Oh dear.

So, need to get myself back on track. I need to start cultivating a more proffessional appearance. Firstly. Hair.

Wonderful quick and easy 50's pin up hair

My new 'style' is going to flow along with my vintage fashion tilt and this charming Brit is going to help me. These are really good ideas, and easy too! She's quite adorable as well, lol.

Anyway, also wanted to post My Adventures In Pin-Curling, which was technically a success, but needed four hands to do and a set of eyes in addition to my own, so probably wont happen too often.... Anyway! Pin curls....AWAY!!!

TA DA!!!!!

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