Snow White: Eyelets

I got one of these and its my new favorite toy. Really. I love it.

Okay, so its not this cool looking one, it is one from Joanns, but seriously. I only ruined four making a line of eyelets down one side of my Snow White bodice. Thats like, 1/8th what I usually ruin making eyelets the ole fashioned way.

Anyway, I'm making a ridiculous amount of eyelets down the back of my bodice for stability and also because I might not loose as much weight as I want to, so Im also making a modesty panel and relying on my cape to keep my lacing secrets.  Here's some in action shots.

Truthfully I should've measure a little better but Im getting to the point of either I do it now, AT THIS VERY MINUTE OR CURSE IT ALL ITS NOT GETTING DONE. 

The pile o fabrics for E and A's outfits are calling me and I NEED to finish this one or I really wont. 

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