Snow White, So Far

Okay, so I'm using the pattern. Why not? Its perfect for my needs, aside from a few, minor issues. See, I don't like the skirt. Or the sleeves. But the bodice is right on target and the collar is perfect. So, why fix what ain't broken, am I right? Okay. So lets start. 

First, find your fabrics. Now, Snow white's dress is pretty basic, so I decided to veer in on textures. Here is my selection. 

Muslins are NOT my thing. I find them annoying and saddening creations which sap my dwindling time and engery. However, this is Srs Bsns Disney stuff. So I made a muslin of the bodice out of the fabric of the skirt. The skirt I made by making a circle skirt for the twirling. Whats the use of being a Princess if you can't get a respectable twirl? Anyway, it was the basic formula for a circle skirt found on a multitude of blogs by typing in How To Make A Circle Skirt. 

I also bought the thickest interfacing I could find and cut out the basic collar. 

Next, the cape. Because I need to bop around when I create something. Why do everything in a linear manner? It just is boring. So, I cut and sewed up the cape lining. Shown here. 

So, the cape next. 

Here I should mention that I did all the cutting beforehand, yesterday. Now I was doing as much sewing as i could before I brought it all down to press it all. Sleeves next!!! I kept the basic shape the same and made it in red, and used this nice, dark blue ribbon which matches my real bodice material perfectly. 

So, onto the bodice itself. 

And this is where I am today. Next, pressing, then finishing the cape, doing the other sleeve, finishing the bodice and actually making the collar. Lot to do, but a good start I think. 

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