Snow White: History and Rant

I want to document my thoughts and theories about my Snow White costume, because I'm one of those odd people who actually rationalize their choices. Its weird I know but oh well. Right?

So, I mentioned in one of my posts that I am seeing her gown through a film of textures. I started thinking about what we know about Snow White from the cartoon. She's a servant who used to be a Princess in a castle which looks a little run down. There are also few servants around her. So Im thinking when she dresses up she has to make due with what shes got. Im positive Evil Queen isn't going give her a few yards of satin and a pat on the head.

I see Snow finding some old curtains of yellow slightly bleached by the sun and makes a skirt. And maybe, an old dress of her mothers that she can salvage the bodice from. Maybe the sleeves came from a childhood skirt that survived. The cloak was an old bed hanging that was being thrown away. She pulled it all together and this becomes her special clothes.

This is my theory anyway, on the dress.


Okay, I'm gonna throw this out there and let it lie.




Okay, there are some artists who cosplay and make it sexy and do it well. Their costumes are flawless, the detail is amazing. I will readily admit that their work is awesome. HOWEVER. Snow white was a thirteen year old girl who was nearly KILLED because of her beauty and only SAVED because of her beauty, and then was KILLED AND SAVED AGAIN BECAUSE OF HER BEAUTY!

The Disney version if a piece of childhood, and the original fairy-tale is a warning and I really think that sexifying the princesses is wrong. I really do. It offends me when I see it.

So while I am amazed and awestruck by these cosplayers whose art blows anything I might do out of the water, I just can't get over how WRONG it is.

Personal opinion however, feel free to disregard. Im just researching costumes and I keep seeing this!

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