Cotehardie and Surcoat

Alrighty, my newly dyed cotehardie looks pretty nice, a la:

So I decided to give in and bein the surcoat. Its the basic piece of clothing I always think of when I think of medieval times, in fact, something I'd always wanted.

And I dont like. Dont get my wrong, its not QUITE done yet, but I am a short, fat person. Adding something that blooms from below my hip bulges is not of-the-good. Ugh, oh well. Here are some shots.
Appologize ahead of time for the odd looks and weird hand positions. Im more of a photographer than a model, lol.

I added an extra triangle of fabric at the hips, where the gores are because the cotehardie is SO MUCH fabric and the surcoat... not so much. Because of this the measurements are slightly off and I need a little time to think about how Im going to finagle it. Also, I had some nice trim I was going to dye to tie the two together:

Unfortunately due to the white color and synthetic composition they turned a (nice) lilac. Oh well, they'll go with something later on Im sure. So The idea is now to find a good trim to attach to the sideless surcoat, and then to make a long belt to maybe pull the whole garment together. Got to plan a little more....

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