The Golden Cotehardie


Gold satin cotehardie. I used the same pattern as before, for my beige-turned-maroon one, and man. It was EASY. The whole pattern came together yesterday like, well, lol, Satin. I sewed the thing together as a size twenty, then went through and nipped and tucked the way I like. (Because my arms are size twenty, my ribcage is like 16 and my hips 18)

First I sewed it together, minus the sleeves:

(I think it looks like liquid in this pic, like the mirror on Snow White and the Huntsman)

The back:

Then I made the sleeves and tried them on:

Pinned in place on Ole Blue

AND on me, without the pins and tucks:

Then I hand sewed the neckline:

Whip-stitched the sleeves on. I had a little trouble when I sewed them on, so I seam ripped them and retried. I like hand sewing better than my machine for sleeves.

And DONE!!!!

Very easy to do :) I'm gonna fiddle with the design a bit, hem the hem and hem the sleeves. Little pieces but the bulk of it? DONE!!! Its nice and heavy and feels glorious on. (Fully admit to twirling and singing round Ole Blue at two am this morning, "I FEEL PRETTY! OH SO PRETTY!")


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